7 (no, not the deadly sins)

Well, we are now 7 days away from becoming a happily married couple.  It feels a bit surreal, knowing that in a few days we’ll be living together and doing all the things we’ve seen all our married friends doing for so long.

But I love Danielle, so I can’t complain.  Smile  Why would I want to?

We spent this weekend finalizing some things.  Our music for the service is on CD, we’ve selected what scripture we want read and included in the ceremony, and completed some last minute shopping for a few things we need for the house. 

Tonight is more packing of her stuff and getting it to the house.  We’re getting closer.


Well, it looks like we’ve finalized a date.

I’ll post once more after we have a meeting, but instead of November, we’re looking at having our ceremony this September.  We’ve moved our venue as well.  As much as we’d love to get married at church, we’ve got a good deal on an outdoor venue, a meal for our guests, and a complimentary room for the bride and groom.

And it’s nearby in New Harmony (gee, can you guess where it’s at?  Two letter hint, R and G).  We just have one minor hangup.  Everyone in the wedding party has said the potential weekend works for them except one.  We’re still working on that.  Praying God let’s things work out so that they can be there.

Oddly enough, due to the venue change, we’re having to cut our invitation list in half from what it originally was.  Our invitation list is now down to family.  Not that this is a problem, it’ll make the ceremony more intimate.  Dani wants a small wedding anyway, so this is more in line with what she wanted.  I just love the idea of having a lot of people that mean a lot to me around, since I have such a small family right now.

But as Dani’s mom pointed out, I”m marrying into theirs, so their large family will soon be my large family as well.  🙂

Anwyay, 3 months away and we’re hitched!!!!!

Moving forward

Well, after some time trying to get a few things in order, we are officially moving forward agaqin on our wedding planning.

Here’s the scoop/lowdown/updated plans so far;

We have the chapel and gym at church reserved for November 19th, 2011.  The wedding will obviously be in the chapel, with the reception down the hall in the gym.  We’re still looking at an early afternoon wedding, 1:30 pm to be more exact. 

We’ve decided to take our honeymoon the following week (Nov 27th through Dec 2nd).  I’ve still got a surprise or two in the works for Dani for the night of our wedding.  But no, I won’t be telling anyone about it here.  🙂  I think she actually reads this page.

In planning for our living together, we’ve been taking trips ot IKEA (great store if you have ever been there), and we’ve selected a lot of nice furniture and home decorations for our pending apartment.  Perhaps we’ll get some pictures posted later.

Anyway, that’s all I have for now.  Hopefully more later.


had a good surprise from my loving fiance.  She met me after karate at my place.  Not only did she do the dishes and clean the counters, but she prepped us an awesome smelling white chicken chili  for dinner.  Very tasty.  Seriously, how can I not love this woman?