Waiting on baby rub

As most anyone reading this blog post is aware, Danielle and I have been in the process of becoming parents.

We decided to adopt for personal reasons.  This is something we thought about, prayed about, and finally felt God has prepared us for this moment.

If you haven’t heard, we are looking to adopt a newborn infant.  As this is our first adoption, we will be staying domestic.  We have nothing against international adoptions, but we just didn’t have the time and fiscal resources to commit at this point in our lives.

The process up till now has been interesting, full of excitement and anticipation.  That will only grow exponentially now, I am sure.

Today, our adoption profile booklets were placed in the mail to the agency.  They’ll have them by noon tomorrow.  Which means, as long as they say the booklets are okay and we don’t need to make any changes, they can start showing them to birthmothers. 

I’d love to share some pictures of a few of the baby items we have prepared for Baby Rub (yeah, still don’t know if we’ll get a boy or girl, so no chance of first names being dropped any time soon).  Right now I don’t have access to them. Be sure though, that we’ll keep you updated on what’s happening.

For now, if you are so inclined, please keep us in your prayers.  Most specifically for patience as we enter the “official” waiting period.  Please pray for our potential birthmother, as we know the decision she’s making to place her child for adoption is one made from love, but it also probably one of the hardest she’ll ever make.  And please pray that God speaks to her heart in helping the right mother choose us.