Way too long

Once again it’s been way too long since I’ve updated this page. So what’s happened with Danielle and I in the past year and a half?

Well, for starters, some not so good things. We endured the passing of both her grandfather on her dads side and her grandmother on her moms side. We know they are both in better places, but we sure do miss them.

That’s the main points of bad in life over the past year and a half. It’s been mostly good for us. We celebrated Levi’s second birthday recently. Farm themed and lots of fun. Little man is growing up so fast. His vocabulary is shooting through the roof, which is awesome. He’s having so much fun now playing at Mothers Morning Out.

He’s also obsessed with busses (or anything he thinks might be a bus), farm animals (still), and now The Very Busy Spider from Eric Carle. Oh, and dinosaurs.

IMG_5364 And I’m still not sure what this is all about. but he sure makes us smile on a daily basis.

As for Danielle and I, we recently celebrated her birthday and our anniversary with an overnight trip (minus Levi) to Louisville. Thanks to our neighbors for keeping little man overnight for us. We got to enjoy an anniversary dinner to Melting Pot. That’s where we went on our honeymoon, so it was nice to revisit one after 7 years. A beautiful night’s rest (meaning not having to get up to an alarm or a 2 year old) in a lovely hotel followed by a fantastic breakfast at First Watch, and it was a good weekend to just reconnect and pay attention to each other.

Other than that, it’s all just normal life. School/work, and watching the boy grow up.