And so it begins…

So far we’re having good success with Levi and his potty training. He’s got the pee part pretty much so down, and knows he has to go poop on the toilet. It’s just him realizing a it’s okay to poop while sitting on the potty.

Wish us luck

It’s that time. Pray for us. I’m on vacation and the wife and I have decided it’s potty training time. No, not for us, for Levi. Well sorta for us (and our sanity). I’ve got a weeks vacation (staycation) scheduled plus a long holiday weekend to get this done.

First two weeks

So, they’ve started work on the house.  Which is fantastic.  You can see progress on the Building a home page.

Thanks to everyone that’s prayed for Dani this week.  Her headaches have subsided, and she’s finally starting to recover.

It’s official

We’re building!!!!!!

Yes, Danielle and I have finished the final paper work and Jagoe Homes will be breaking ground on our home in just a few weeks.

We will have a new page up so you can follow the progress as we post pictures and updates.  So keep an eye out for it.


From both of us

Happy New Year to each and every one out there.

May God bless you all abundantly this year, may He protect you throughout the year, and may you lean on Him in times of troubles and hardship.

A little home improvement

So, we recently (okay, a few months ago) had a small problem of a busted pipe in a wall.  The result; a moldy closet that needed cleaning out.  WP_000250And I do mean cleaning.


So, we had a company come in and help us clean the closet.  Okay, they actually did all the cleaning, I just mainly let them in the house and watched while they worked.


Once the wall was done and the crawlspace was clean (stang, no pictures), it was time to finally put the wall back up.  My brother in Christ Kevin Naas came over after helping me get the drywall boards from Lowe’s.

WP_000355That’s Kevin in the side of the picture, and that’s the first board to be going into place.  Measure, cut, re-measure because the studs aren’t exactly right (okay, they’re way wrong!) and soon the closet looked like this.                                       WP_000356

A little bit of taping……  WP_000357  

WP_000359followed by some mudding,


and the closet looks pretty done.  Well, sorta.  That was day one.  Day two included mounting our new pantry shelves.  After dusting myself by sanding down the mud in a confined space (note to self, mud dust will tend to float into the office and coat EVERYTHING), it was time to mount the rails.

WP_000364              WP_000365

Then the shelves….  WP_000368

WP_000369I discovered that it was a lot easier to put the support arms on the shelves on the floor, then mount the whole thing.  Eventually, it the closet looks like this; WP_000370



Project, done.

Home Improvement

Well, the latest portion of our home improvement is completed.

What was the last portion?  I guess I forgot to update you on that one.  We had a busted showerhead pipe that ruined part of a wall in a closet.  Of course, we didn’t’ figurer that out until we had the drywall removed and finally found the source of the leak. 

So, we’ve had a ruined wall torn out, a busted pipe joint replaced and repaired (two days of no showers wasn’t a lot of fun), and we’ve had the crawlspace cleaned of debris, some mold removed and treated for, and a vapor barrier put down.

Now to fix a ceiling.