Building a Home

Feb 14, 2014: God’s has blessed us three times in a single day.  God is so amazingly good.  First, we finally got the information we’ve been waiting on.  The trade numbers came in, and it’s an offer we can accept.  Which means we can move forward with Jagoe and getting a new home built.  Secondly, my most recent paycheck got deposited today.  The pay bump was a lot more than anticipated.  If this holds true (we’ll know for sure with my paycheck at the end of the month), we can adjust our budget and potentially get bills paid off faster.  Thirdly, I found out I’ll be returning to an out of town client daily full time for the next 6 months.  While it’ll be stressful on time considerations, we see it as being beneficial in the long run.


Feb 16th: We had our meeting with Jagoe.  We’ve settled the floor plan, picked out colors and options, made our customizations.  Now we just need to wait and see what the final build numbers are and where we may need to make adjustments.  We’re both a little overwhelmed realizing that this is finally happening.  We’re cautiously excited too, realizing this is finally happening.

Feb 27th; We had out pre-construction meeting this evening, and we are moving forward!!!  Jagoe’s breaking ground in about 3 weeks.  Dani and I are stoked, pumped, and in every other descriptive word, excited.

March 11th; And so it begins!!!  Most of the time, when things are broken, that’s a bad thing.  However, since this time the thing that’s broken is the ground where our home is going to be built, it’s a fantastic thing!!!  And so now we begin to share the visuals with everyone on the progress of the build process.  Here’s the first set from today.

March 14th; Well, here’s the progress from Week one of the home building project.  They managed to get the foundation poured, the foundation blocks down, plumbing lines in place, and are making me and Danielle a very happy and excited couple.

March 21st; Well, here’s the progress for week 2.  They managed to get our gravel down, and the foundation concrete actually poured.!!!!

March 30th; It’s a picture light week last week.  Not much got done with the house except our wood got delivered on Friday!!!  Just two pictures.  More pictures at the end of this week (hopefully of a framed house!!!)

March 31st; Nope, it’s not been a week.  But who cares?!  We’ve been framed!!!!!

April 6th; They’ve done a bunch of nice work on the interior of the house this week.  electrical is run, heating/air conduits are run, and plumbing is run.  They even installed our shower stalls.  Love watching the progress they are making.  Here’s this week’s photo album.

April 14th; I’m a little behind, but here’s the latest on the progress of the house.  We’ve been told we can expect drywall to be hung by Tuesday (the 15th) at the latest.  I’m still waiting on the siding as well.  Hopefully the rain this morning didn’t put the crews off too much.

April 21; Well, the countdown has begun.  We know when we are reviewing the house (the completion date) and when we will be closing (April 23rd!!!!) and when we start moving!!!!  Here’s the pictures from last week!!!

April 27; Well, they’ve made a lot of progress this week.  Here’s the pix from Week 7.  Please note, some of these images may be shown out of order, and due to my phone dying on Friday, some of the photos Danielle has taken will be added to the album as soon as they get sent from her phone to me.

May 04.  Happy Star Wars Day, May the Fourth be with you.  Here’s some great pix of the house.  Electrical is pretty much so completely done, trim seems complete.  Tank-less water heater was in, sink was in, and exterior lights hung.  Have a look at this week’s progress.

May 29th: Well, today was supposed to be our closing and moving date.  But thanks to wonderful government efficiency (read massive sarcasm, please), we aren’t closing and moving today.  As frustrating as the delay is, we can’t be upset with our builder or lender, as we know it’s not their fault.  As of right now we are trying to go to closing on Monday afternoon, and with God’s good graces, we will be fully in the house by the end of the day Saturday the 7th.  more later.