Wow, last night was a busy one for us.  Moved even more of Danielle’s stuff from her parent’s house to ours.  Amazingly, this woman certainly knows how to organize.  Despite bringing over tons of stuff into the very limited space of this house, she’s managed to put nearly everything away so that it doesn’t look like much has been added!

Is it bad to admit that I’m starting to suffer “weddinitis”?  Think senioritis when you were in high school, only about 10 times worse.  And it’s not cold feet, nervousness, jitters or anything negative.  It’s that I’m so looking forward to the wedding and the honeymoon that I am noticing a small amount (small?) of loss of focus for my clients. 

I really am working hard to provide the best possible customer support during this week, but I also find it easy for me to be distracted.  All I can say is, come on 4:30 Friday afternoon!!!!