A Return to Reality

Danielle and I are back from our honeymoon.  We had a very relaxing week in Florida; weather was perfect, no rain, excellent temperatures.  Got a lot of good food (okay, probably too much good food), got see see a lot of beautiful places, even got time to visit with some family that wasn’t able to make it to the wedding.

The house was great, although there was a minor issue with the pool when we got there.  But it was really minor, so nothing to complain about.  Spent time on the beach, got to see a few sharks (even got to touch one that someone had hauled onshore then returned to the waters). 

And now we’re back in town.  Got Dani’s information changed over yesterday so that she’s officially Danielle Rub!!!  (I love my wife, in case I hadn’t mentioned that before.)  Just one last thing to do today.  And lots of cleaning at the house.

Tomorrow, we go back to the reality of our normal work schedules.  In a way, I’m looking forward to it, and in a way, I’m not.  this honeymoon vacation has been too nice. I feel more relaxed now than I have in a very long time.  Hope this state doesn’t disappear too quickly once we return to “reality”.